Angeli di terra | Giorgio Moiso

15 june 2006 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


15 june – 6 july 2006


Giorgio Moiso’s solo exhibition “Angeli di terra”.

Giorgio Moiso was born in Cairo Montenotte in the province of Savona on 13 February 1942, he began painting in 1955 and at the same time began studying music. In 1968 he graduated from the Art School of Savona; in 1972, at the invitation of Mario De Micheli, he exhibited at the exhibition “The theme of man” at the Albisola Museum. In 1975 he was invited to the In that period, the “great Americans” revealed themselves to him “live”, from De Kooning to Franz Kline, to whom he felt close with his current decidedly “infigural” and dynamically spontaneous painting. In 1988 he met Mimmo Rotella, Pierre Restany and Arnaldo Pomodoro in Venice. In 1997 he organized a “four hands” exhibition in Albisola entitled “The horizon and the volcano”. From 1968 to today Giorgio Moiso has held numerous solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad and more than fifty group ones. His works can be found in public and private collections throughout Europe.

Moiso’s painting is a sort of writing, a frantic search for balance through colour, images poised between the visual value of the letters and the verbal analogy of the pictorial material. A former full-time jazz drummer, still subjugated by music, Giorgio Moiso tunes his palette as if it were a musical instrument. He uses color directly with his fingers; yellows, reds, blues, but also whites, greys, silver and gold are imprinted on the canvas automatically. Moiso’s works ask the viewer to be listened to and experienced in all their energy and sensuality. On the occasion of the exhibition, a new series of works created for the event will be presented. On the evening of the vernissage the artist will perform a performance accompanied by the jazz singer Danila Satragno.