The Gallery

Violetti Arte Contemporanea promotes International Contemporary Art, encouraging new forms of cultural exchange, with a view to continuous evolution.

The Gallery was founded in Siena in 1997 by Irina Biale and Edgardo Cerruti, as the Biale Cerruti Art Gallery.

Over the years, the Gallery has worked to foster a debate of aesthetic nature, to reconnect art to life, to promote awareness of the contemporary, defending peculiarities and freedom of expression. While remaining faithful to the initial program, the Gallery has tried to grasp the changes in art and this is perhaps one of the characteristics that has favored its longevity, that is the ability to keep faith with the original assumptions, evolving continuously.

In 2020 the direction passes to Elena Violetti, daughter of the founder, strongly oriented to read and grasp the changes in art, in a delicate balance between continuous renewal and clear artistic identity.

On 3rd June 2023 the new exhibition venue was inaugurated in the main street of Siena, between Piazza del Campo and the Duomo, a few steps from the Accademia Chigiana. Through this choice, the Gallery wants to write a new chapter in its history, strengthened by the path traced during the 25 years of activity but with a conscious look towards the future.

In a city anchored to the past and to tradition, the presence of a contemporary art gallery is a necessity to dare a comparison, to encourage a debate, to make Culture.

The role of the Gallery is to represent and support the work of emerging Italian and international artists alongside well-known names, creating a vital dialogue of ideas.

The Gallery space is a dynamic and transversal place, open to experimentation and research and aims to be the basis for the development of new ideas in the contemporary art panorama by hosting exhibitions with a site-specific approach and a careful curatorial project.

The prerogative of the Gallery is to work towards the creation of an open dialogue on current events, on society and on the role of the individual within it, presenting exhibition projects of an interdisciplinary nature and bringing together spheres of creativity and different cultures.