Antonella Cinelli | PLURALE FEMMINILE




16 september  – 3 october 2023


Antonella Cinelli’s personal exhibition “Plurale femminile”.

The exhibition, focused on the exploration of the female universe, offers a broad overview of the artist’s recent production, which has seen intense experimentation and personal research and constituted a decisive stylistic turning point, guiding her towards an increasingly in-depth observation of women, from childhood to adulthood.

The artist expresses, with an entirely feminine sensitivity, the desire to capture the complexity of human nature, in the intimate representation of contemporary passions.

With undeniable quality and recognizable refinement Antonella Cinelli investigates the multiple expressions of the body as it changes through emotions. Her works have the ability to propose new perspectives, surprising with an illusively given vision. The artist does not reveal secrets, he does not bring to light what is jealously guarded, he does not delay in describing. Antonella Cinelli searches behind the gestures, movements, attitudes, traces of events and passions that have woven every texture of skin, always leaving something impalpable. The use of colour, framing and the gradual passage of light recalls the photographic medium. The artist concentrates on the subjects, studies them in detail and chooses a very soft, liquefied, velvety painting, where the gesture does not furrow the material but lies gently on the canvas with the precision of a hyper-realistic nature.

In the Nereidi series the turquoise and golden scenery, which recalls the sun and sea of Sicily, guides the gaze towards the investigation of childhood dreams, where light little girls twirl, unaware of the change that their being undergoes in becoming a woman. In Difficult Similarities the figures hidden behind long hair, split into twin figures, with a Klimtian echo lead us to reflect on the difficulty of acceptance.

In her Women the nudity is a cry of rebellion against every form of censorship and an expression of the freedom to express oneself. The garments become evanescent and are transformed into light that reflects the intimacy of the bodies. They are unknown but strangely familiar women, witnesses of private events that radiate in a disconcerting universality. No gaze to meet that of the observer so that the portrait can be universal and everyone can recognize their own internal emotional space.

A strong desire for vision takes over the pictorial scene, following the most secret instincts, the most hidden curiosities, vibrating with intense and mysterious poetry, as well as intimate sweetness.

Antonella Cinelli’s art is the practice of interpreting the world, an intellectual journey along the bright lines of life, where the most intimate and sincere emotions flow. An art reserved and composed in silences, expressed in the images exhibited, in whispered stories, which conceals its own history and fuels the dream of another reality.