Femminile, singolare…concreto | Antonella Cinelli

19 june 2008 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


19 june – 12 july  2008


Personal exhibition by Antonella Cinelli “Femminile, singolare… concreto”

Cinelli’s painting represents an intimate sensuality, in her works the composition revolves around the attitudes of the subject, almost always female, who shows and hides at the same time. The artist uses painting as an investigative tool, to tell a story, to describe matter, flesh, colors and even smells. The perfect, refined, rigorous images of excellent pictorial quality often renounce the subject, replacing it with a fetish capable of representing it: a shoe, make-up, a bra. Cinelli’s painting is a feminine painting, made above all of details, played on poses and cinematic shots. Cinelli’s woman, although aware of her feminine function, often stripped of her most desirable parts, is not “available”, if anything “naturally available”, as she is female. The young woman looks directly at the viewer, but her nudity concerns above all herself and her reality, her freedom, her times. Shoes, a ribbon, a bra, make-up, are evidence of a story. Cinelli’s woman is a free woman.

She was born in Teramo in 1973, she graduated from the Art School, she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she graduated in 1997. She lives and works in Bologna. There are numerous exhibitions held by the artist, among the most important they deserve to be mentioned: IV CAIRO COMMUNICATION PRIZE, Museo della Permanente, Milan, 2003; Obsesiòn, Galleria Pizia Arte, Teramo, 2003; “Boiling Ice” Opencare Frigoferi Milanesi, Milan, 2004; “It seems like a century” Fabbri Award, Bologna, 2005; “Paintspotting” Allegretti Contemporanea, Turin, 2005; “Profumo di Donna” Galleria il Tasso, Bergamo, 2005; “It seems like a century”, Fabbri Prize, Bologna, 2005; “Interno notte”, Galleria Guidi & Schoen, Genoa, 2006; “Young figuration” GrafiqueArtGallery, Bologna, 2006; Moscow Academy of Painting, Moscow, 2006; “CELESTE AWARD” 1st place in the painting section, Museo Marino Marini, Florence, 2006; “The bonfire of the vanities” Biale Cerruti Art Gallery, Siena, 2006; “The other gaze” female visions, Commenda di Prè, Genoa, 2006; “Image Persistence” GrafiqueArtGallery, Bologna, 2007; “Water”, Forni Gallery, Bologna, 2007; “Signs”, GrafiqueArtGallery, Bologna, 2007; “Dangerous curves”, edited by Maurizio Sciaccaluga, Casa del pane, Milan, 2007; “Water” Palazzo Ducale Pavullo, Pavullo (Modena), 2007; “But ….women” for Pulcheria, Galleria NuovoSpazio Arte Contemporanea, Piacenza, 2007; “Fades into black”, GrafiqueArtGallery, Bologna, 2007; “Fil(m) rouge”, curated by Chiara Argentieri, GrafiqueArtGallery, Bologna, 2008; “Hypothesis of meaning”, GiaMaArt, Vitulano (BN) 2008; “Cinelli, Labouchere, Rossi”, Alberarle Gallery, London, 2008. The exhibition will feature oil paintings on canvas of various sizes.