Fuga in sette tempi differenti | Alfonso Bonavita

9 july 2011 | VIA  delle campane, 9 SIENA


9 – 30 july 2011


Alfonso Bonavita’s solo exhibition “Fuga in sette tempi differenti”.

Alfonso Bonavita was born in Amantea in 1962. He lives and works in Genoa. Around the mid-90s, he began his exhibition journey which led him to create important wall decorations and monumental public sculptures. His works have also been the subject of numerous personal and collective exhibitions in prestigious art galleries and public spaces. Julian Jaynes says “… while we play we are not aware of the notes, the keyboard, the strings, …, of how the right hand or the left hand moves (ed.), … We are only aware of the meaning”. Here, the “musicians”, the works of Alfonso Bonavita, express and declare this state of unconsciousness. The Director “Arturo” observes the elements, guides them, gives each one a precise role until they become a single organism to create overall harmony! The seven musicians chase each other, get lost, find each other again, until they reach the same goal, in the same space, in the same time and in the same movement. They describe the key moment of the musical gesture, that is, technique abandons the field in favor of instinct and talent. The monumental corporeality is canceled out by the lightness of the harmonious inspiration. The sculptures are characterized by the pathos and emotionality typical of music. Tiny heads, disproportionate to enormous and looming bodies that are released into space with serious serenity, producing a slight sense of imbalance and disequilibrium. Bonavita’s works, based on the contrast between situations, between desire and reality, between utopia and destiny, force the viewer to walk around them, to observe them in every nook and cranny, to make the various elements play together and to seek their balance.