Il falò delle vanità

14 october 2006 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


14 – 23  october 2006


Collective exhibition “Il falò delle vanità” on the occasion of the second edition of the Giornata del Contemporaneo.

The artists invited to tell all (or almost all) the faces of vanity are: Antonia Ciampi, Antonella Cinelli, Matilde Domestico, Lucia Gangari, Olivia Gozzano, Manuela Menici, Vittoria Vanghelis.

Seven artists from different backgrounds and from various generations interpret this feeling that is so perverse but at the same time so present in every human being. Vanity, as Barbey d’Aurevilly said, is a philosophy of life that can be effectively summarized as a restless search for the approval of others. Recognizing the vanity of all things means accepting their provisional, non-definitive, non-absolute nature, just as the “I”, one’s own subjectivity, as transitory, is subject to change. Speaking of vanity, one thing is certain, there is no animal more vain than the human being. From the president of a state, who ridiculously puffs out his chest to appear important, to the most modest citizen who “puts on airs”. It is considered normal for a woman to be vain and, if she is beautiful, vanity even becomes a component of her beauty. If, on the other hand, the vain woman is ugly, she arouses sympathy, because she has courage. Female vanity is a harmless habit, which does not detract from intelligence and strength of character. But there are also many other forms of vanity that alternately inspire sympathy and irritation. In short, there is something for everyone. Is there anyone convinced that vanity doesn’t concern them?