Italo’s house – La casa di Italo | Giuliano Tomaino

21 june 2007 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


21 june – 12 july 2007


Personal exhibition by Giuliano Tomaino “Italo’s house – La casa di Italo”.

The exhibition was born from the artist’s desire to find a home for his horse – Italo, in a city that loves horses, and loves them so deeply that what everyone calls the stable becomes “the house of the horse” in the city of the Palio. . Giuliano Tomaino has always given great space to this splendid animal in his art, even going so far as to humanize it by baptizing it with various names: Homer, Italo, Agilulf. The rocking horse evokes lost childhood, a return to the past, a game which becomes a symbol of maternal affection but also a symbol of unstable balance. One of the oldest children’s games in the world but which still manages to instill illusion and wonder. An attempt by the artist to research that innocent instinctivity of children, which makes you dream. A primordial, sign-like painting made of simple symbols. The exhibition will feature paintings and sculptures where the house and the horse will be the protagonists. Tomaino will tell, through works and installations, the sensations felt when entering one of the 17 “horse houses” present in the city of Siena.

Giuliano Tomaino was born in La Spezia in 1945, at just 19 years old he had his first solo show at the Michelangelo Gallery in Carrara. In ’77 he exhibited in Zurich at the Brungasse Gallery, in ’78 at the Il Salotto Gallery in Como, in ’85 in New York. The first major exhibition was in 1991 at the “Palazzo Dei Diamanti” in Ferrara, in 1993 he exhibited at the Galleria Mnemosine in Venice and in 1996 at the Galleria Eos in Milan. In 2000 at the Tornabuoni Gallery in Pietrasanta and at the Orlando Gallery in Forte dei Marmi. In 2001 an important painted iron sculpture was exhibited at the Dakar Biennial. Numerous personal and collective exhibitions follow.