… le faccio le scarpe | Giovanni Maranghi

2 april 2005 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


2 – 24 April 2005


Personal exhibition by Giovanni Maranghi “… le faccio le scarpe” – catalogue curated by Luciano Caprile.

Giovanni Maranghi was born in 1955 in Lastra a Signa, in the province of Florence, where he still works, in a characteristic studio on the banks of the Arno. After graduating from the Art School of Florence, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture of the Florentine University and at the same time attended the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city. From the mid-seventies he began his exhibition activity both in Italy and abroad, with exhibitions in Holland, Belgium, the United States, Turkey and France. The title of the exhibition alludes to the main character that lives in Maranghi’s works: the woman. She is therefore the undisputed protagonist together with the objects belonging to the female universe, it is no coincidence that the title of the exhibition refers to footwear, a symbol of charm and femininity, often in the foreground and highlighted in the works of the Tuscan artist. Giovanni Maranghi interprets through allusion or metaphor, the states of mind, the desires, the aspirations, bordering on caricature, the characters of the characters emerge in their essentiality, his is a full-bodied, tactile painting, which often uses encaustic. Paintings of various sizes appear in the exhibition and often deal with the theme of the seated woman, while the men are almost always absent or peripheral figures. But the most innovative works are those which, starting from a dark base, a kind of imaginary blackboard, outline figures and scenes where the protagonists of the stories move spontaneously; the color, in these latest works, essentially serves to underline some details.