Le folli colorate ironie | Francesco Cuomo

1 DECEMBER 2010 | VIA  DI CITTà, 125/127 SIENA


1 – 18 december  2010


Personal exhibition by Francesco Cuomo “Le folli colorate ironie”.

Francesco Cuomo was born in Eboli in 1973. In 1996 he began writing and painting simply for love… He always wanted to be able to convey emotions to people, so he started painting: he creates and writes to represent what he has experienced and lives – people, facts , anecdotes, street life; he paints to make his emotions tangible, through colours. For Francesco Cuomo, color means joy, joy of living, being positive. Color is the future. His creativity began through the creation of paintings and poems, but at a certain point he felt the need to translate it in a more tactile way, thus giving people the opportunity to fully and physically enjoy his creations, giving life to a concept of art that according to him is the daughter of the modern generation: art that must be physically experienced and touched. Thus, in addition to painting, he began to create chairs, armchairs, benches, dormeuses, chaise longues, vases, lamps and now very exclusive women’s bags and scarves: the fact of being able to observe and then physically ‘feel’ one of his works makes him immensely joyful …, he likes the idea that people can caress, touch, feel one of his works: it’s as if people were touching his soul and his emotions. It is a sensation that Francesco Cuomo defines as simply unique. Francesco Cuomo collaborated with the Enrico Coveri fashion house for the creation of the 2007 men’s spring summer collection, inspired by one of his works and poems “Narcissus”. Some of his works were chosen for the scenography of the latest film produced by the Italian international film company Lucisano Film, “THIS NIGHT IS STILL OURS”. Over 10 works were chosen for the Fiction Amiche Mie, produced by MEDIAVIVERE. He currently collaborates with Formitalia Luxury Group “Mirabili”. He created for the ICHENDORF MILANO brand, the line of vases inspired by his works and poems entitled VASAME (kiss me). He created an armchair exclusively for the Miami Swing brand, a brand present in all RAI broadcasts. He curated and created the image of the MEDFILMFESTIVAL 2009, Rome Palazzo delle Esposizioni; on this occasion he was awarded as an emerging talent in the year of creativity and innovation. He created a work for the charity exhibition, 547 Unicef silhouettes. He was chosen by Luxotica Spa for a project relating to one of the “Persol” brands “A Work Of persol”, the only Italian artist selected to represent Persol throughout the world. On the occasion, a book was published with a preface by Achille Bonito Oliva. He was responsible for both the interior and the bodywork of a Beetle which was donated to the Nicolo’ Campo charity association for the Bimbingamba Project represented by Alex Zanardi and Sergio Campo, the Beetle a unique work used as a traveling work of positivity. His works have been presented at the most important national and international fairs and are found in prestigious collections in Italy and abroad. For the exhibition, in addition to paintings and furnishing objects, bags created by the artist will also be presented. For Cuomo, the stock market is a container of passions. They are new, different from the usual brands, which do not hide the woman behind the brand, but enhance her. Everything is unique, starting from the outside, which comes from a painting, and then arriving at the inside, at the heart of femininity, created exclusively for each one.