Violetti Arte Contemporanea | Gavin Rain Exhibition | Siena

2 Apr 2024 | News



Violetti Arte Contemporanea is pleased to announce the new exhibition “Portraits” by Gavin Rain (Cape Town 1971), which will open on Friday 12 April 2024 at 6.00 pm, at the gallery in Via di Città 49 in Siena.

Gavin is considered one of the greatest contemporary representatives of neo-pointillism or pixelism. Using acrylic like a television or PC screen, Rain simulates pixels in the construction of the image. Hence the technique called “hidden in plain sight”.

At a close distance, Rain’s paintings appear to be an abstract and punctiform set of colours, but if the spectator moves away to a distance calculated by the artist, is possible to recognizes the subject of the painting: the faces of international showbiz icons.

It will be possible to visit the exhibition every day, from 12 April to 19 May 2024.

Strange tree with Gardenia, Gavin Rain, acrilico su tela cm.100x100

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