Ore 18,00 Coffee Break

4 october 2008 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


4 – 18 october  2008


Collective exhibition of 5 artists presenting works inspired by the coffee ritual. Coffee has always been not only a unique drink that caresses the senses and offers intense sips of pleasure, but also synonymous with sociality and aggregation.

This exhibition will explore the various ways of “experiencing” coffee, from the simple fact of being a drink (Inverni), to the painted representation of the intimacy that is released in the moment of consuming a cup of the hot liquid (Cinelli), to the use direct use of coffee powder in art, thanks to its chromatic power (Asahara), to the visions of memory triggered by the memory of moments linked to the consumption of the drink itself (Calvetti), up to the use of coffee cups assembled and transformed into real and own sculptures (Domestico). The artists participating in the collective create their works with these intentions, and it is interesting to explore all these visions linked to what is the most discussed ritual drink in history, imported to Venice at the beginning of the 17th century and since then it has remained a typical expression of Italian food culture.

The inauguration also includes an event linked to the theme of coffee: Roberto Fattorini, owner, together with Maya Alivini, of the “Gusti Continentali” café based in Siena will guide people to discover this drink and the various ways of enjoying it. Those present will be able to taste various types of coffee, and also olfactorily enjoy the numerous varieties of blends.