Pensieri segreti | Fabio Calvetti

22 march 2007 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


22 march – 15 april 2007


Personal exhibition by Fabio Calvetti “Pensieri segreti”.

Born in Certaldo (FI) in 1956, graduated from the Art School and the Painting School of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Fabio Calvetti has exhibited all over the world, from Japan to the United States to New Caledonia, with personal and collective exhibitions . His participations in international fairs are also numerous. In the art of Fabio Calvetti we capture the power and ability to shape everyday life, fleeting moments. In his works he represents waiting, absence, the silences of the soul. Melancholic and lonely women wander around the interiors of houses and bars suspended in a timeless dimension. The artist’s goal is to capture the essence of everyday life, reproduce the inner life of the people protagonists of his works. Other times the main subject is the environment itself, a glimpse of an interior with sofas or a night city, empty spaces, but saturated with questions. Interior and exterior coexist in the same space, interiors seen from a window, with the light entering and defining the shadow areas as a border, allowing the world behind to be seen and at the same time allowing the world to enter and the spectator to be complicit in the stolen gaze. Fabio Calvetti, however, is not a simple voyeur, he acts as a link between the real world and the metaphysical one. The desolate scenes of his paintings are like film noir, dark interiors and cityscapes crossed by femme fatales. The exhibition will feature oils on panels of various sizes.