Galgani Filippo

Filippo Galgani was born in Siena in 1970. He graduated from the Duccio di Buoninsegna Art Institute in Siena. In these years he met the master Armando Basile and started working at his foundry. With bronze he began his personal search for the “fragment” and its aesthetics while, thanks to repeated trips to India, he enriched his own artistic and spiritual experience. The meeting with his old sculptor friend Piergiorgio Balocchi was decisive: Galgani enrolled at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts and attended his courses, creating his first large-scale marble sculptures. He graduated in 2003 and began exhibiting in Pietrasanta and Florence. In 2006 he exhibited in Switzerland at the Triennale BadRagaz and in 2011 he began a collaboration with Violetti Arte Contemporanea.

Undoubtedly the classical heritage constitutes the leitmotiv of Galgani’s sculpture. The artist’s bronze torsos refer to the Attic kouroi of the 4th century, just as the elegance of the shapes of some male bodies recall Hadrian’s Antinous. However, the classical heritage is interpreted by the sculptor with a romantic aesthetic of the fragment.

The beauty that the Sienese artist seeks is that which we find in the poetic fragments of the Greek lyricists. Truncated verses, hints, remains of praxiletic beauty, in terms of proportions and anatomy, relics of an immense lost past, reinterpreted with an entirely modern perceptivity, in a continuous and renewed dialogue between the ancient and the current. The fragment suggests precisely the accomplished incompleteness, the perfect imperfection. Greece as an indispensable and continuous model.

Artist with masterful manual and technical qualities, with an always fresh and current vision, he represents an excellence in the Italian sculptural panorama.

Nausica, Filippo Galgani, geomalta patinata e marmo rosso lepanto, cm. 75x34x28


Patinated geomalta and Lepanto red marble

cm. 75 x 34 x 28

Filippo Galgani, Diogene


Patinated geomalta and travertine

cm. 50 x 77 x 23


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