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17 Apr 2019 | News

17 APRILE 2019 | BAGNO VIGNONI – Siena


“Each Spring, the town hosts a contemporary art exhibit in its splendid “piazza d’acqua” – a monumental basin of thermal waters set in the center of town – as a tribute to the synergy between art and nature.

This year, sculptor Davide Dall’Osso has been selected to showcase his figurative works of art in Bagno Vignoni. The picturesque pool serves as the site of his installation, “The Giardino Segreto” (“The Secret Garden”), in which dancing figures and two centaurs float above the water of the basin.

Dall’Osso works with polycarbonate and polymer plastics, lending his sculptures transparency and fluidity. With the changing light over the course of the day, the figures are in constant movement, continuously revealing a different side of their personality.

The “Secret Garden” was curated by Dall’Osso’s wife and partner Maria Vittoria Gozio and it extends from the central pool into the three hotels in Bagno Vignoni, creating a cohesive narrative that accompanies the traveler throughout his/her stay in town. It will be on view until June 30, 2019.”

Articolo di Livia Hengel.



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