Somewhere Tour 2008 | Luca Bellandi

7 august 2008 | VIA  DI CITTà, 111 SIENA


7 – 31 august  2008


Luca Bellandi’s solo exhibition “Somewhere Tour 2008”.

Luca Bellandi was born in Livorno in 1962; in 1985 he graduated from the Academy of Art in Florence. The artist from Livorno has made a name for himself over the years with a dense series of exhibitions in Europe and the United States, collecting successes and acclaim from the public and critics.

From the first works in which he tried to enter into symbiosis with “classical” artists by reproducing their works and giving them a personal interpretation, he later moved on to a more intimate contact with American art and the underground, arriving at the productions of the last period, in which the essence of his work is: telling stories through a personal, poetic, childish and intimate language. In these works he finds the definitive way of expressing himself, deliberately excluding the figures, the people, but telling their stories through what they wear, what they use and the objects that define them. Clothing is a symbol, it makes the history of the person, it distinguishes races and nationalities. Luca Bellandi’s painting is a sort of appeal to something that is hidden and dispersed in memory, in experience, in interiority; of this painting, in fact, the protagonist is the thing (object, dress, flower, animal) which stands out apparently unfinished, but which finds its reason for being precisely in this incompleteness, as if to suggest that incompleteness is our condition of human beings, on whose evidence we can only exercise memorial or associative actions. The artist expresses himself through a warm and enveloping pictorial language, rapid and precise. The free shots, the decisive brushstroke, the clear chromatic contrasts, the cuts of the backgrounds signal the opening towards the broad horizons of the international pictorial debate.

Bellandi loves to define himself as a singer-songwriter who tells stories of life and sensations of the soul, continually moving from a reporter of everyday life to a painter of atmospheres. Oils on canvas of various sizes will be presented in the exhibition.