Terre Bruciate | Giorgio Moiso



18 may  – 5 june 2011


Solo exhibition by Giorgio Moiso “Terre bruciate”.

Giorgio Moiso was born in Cairo Montenotte in the province of Savona, on 13 February 1942. He began painting in 1955 and at the same time began studying music. In 1968 he graduated from the Art School of Savona. As a young student, he had the opportunity to know and make his own the extraordinary climate of avant-garde openness of the international artists who frequented Albissola Marina in the 1960s (Wilfred Lam, Asger Jorn, Lucio Fontana, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Piero Manzoni, Sergio Dangelo, Agenore Fabbri, Mario Rossello and many others), and has developed his creative streak on the double track of music and figurative art. In 1972, at the invitation of Mario De Micheli, he exhibited at the exhibition “The theme of man” at the Albisola Museum. In 1975 he was invited to the X Quadrennial in Rome, where he presented two large works, on the theme dearest to him, the tree. The following year he moved to Milan where he remained for a few years. In that period, the “great Americans” revealed themselves to him “live”, from De Kooning to Franz Kline, to whom he felt close with his current decidedly “infigural” and dynamically spontaneous painting. In 1988 he met Mimmo Rotella, Pierre Restany and Arnaldo Pomodoro in Venice. In the same year his passion for jazz led him to a decisive turning point: making music dialogue with gesture, sign and colour. The reference to the experiments of the 50s and early 60s, with the personal addition of his own jazz matrix, give life to a mixture that generates a personal stylistic signature: Live Performance Painting. An original mix between music and painting is born, a union capable of transforming a jazz jam session into a “pictorial jam session”. In the following years he was the protagonist of many exhibitions; in 1997 he joined the group of artists “arte con creta” (Tommaso Cascella, Bruno Ceccobelli, Enzo Esposito, Ugo Nespolo and others) with whom he exhibited at Arte Fiera Bologna. In 2001 he held a solo exhibition (painting and sculpture) and a jazz concert at the Rinaldo Rotta gallery in Genoa and a personal exhibition and concert in the Daniel Duchoze gallery in Rouen. In 2004 an exhibition with Marc Kostabi was held in Venice. In October 2006 he held an exhibition in the prestigious Rivara Castle and for the occasion the book “LIVE! Performance Painting Giorgio Moiso” curated by Luca Beatrice. In 2007 the book “Moiso il cane di Cesar” was published by Maurizio Sciaccaluga. In 2008 he exhibited in Milan at the Spazio Mazzotta and on the occasion the book “Giorgio Moiso – Fingerstamps” edited by Francesco Poli, publisher of Mazzotta, was presented. In 2009 he created the splendid “Round midnight album”, in which, through 43 works, he brings together contemporary artistic movements, bebop-action painting, cool jazz-minimalism or cool art, free jazz-conceptual art. In 2010 Giorgio Moiso was invited to represent Italian contemporary art at the Asiam Museum of Art in Daejeon in Korea, with a personal exhibition set up in 11 exhibition rooms, “Cosmography” is the title of the exhibition, the performance and the catalogue. In 2011, RADO invited him to Istanbul at the Esma Sultan Palace, where he created a large painting measuring 2 by 3 meters on a plexiglass surface in performance. In Cairo Montenotte, Giorgio Moiso’s hometown, the “Goosebumps” panel was inaugurated in April 2011 – donated to the city by the artist – and created in the Amphitheater of the City Palace of Cairo Montenotte in October 2008 during a memorable performance/show by the artist in the presence of the citizens of Cairo. The work, an 8 by 2.5 meter ceramic panel, represents a challenge from a technical point of view, being made entirely of terracotta with high-fired enamels and oxides at the PiralArte factories in Albisola. A former full-time jazz drummer, still subjugated by music, Giorgio Moiso tunes his palette as if it were a musical instrument. Moiso’s works ask the viewer to be listened to and experienced in all their energy and sensuality. On the occasion of the exhibition a new series of paintings and ceramics will be presented.